Journey of fate..

 In the ongoing pandemic crisis, some people propel themselves to discern new ways of earning, that's human nature, everyone wants some productive time even in their leisure time. THE FIRST PART Rakesh is 34 years old, in the evening he reached his home after accomplishing his menial job. He lives in a slum area of Delhi, he came in the city five years later and used to send money for his family in the native place. On reaching home, a small coloured television was purporting "Lockdown for 14 hours (on 22 March)" which was known as 'Janata Curfew'. Firstly, he was confused but after some time he became distraught. From the next day, there were many uncertainties, mostly for getting work on the lockdown day. The first day of lockdown passed, hoping for getting a job as soon as possible but later India announced the largest lockdown of 21 days, from March 22 to 13 April. Now imagine daily wage workers, students, delivery persons etc, the more types of people you cou

India's Degrading Democracy and Freedom

 Recently, the Freedom House US based organisation has decreased the status of India from "free country" to "partly free". And also the rank of India has been slipped to 53rd  position in the latest democracy index by Economic Intelligence Unit. Also V-DEM institute regarded India as "electoral autocracy". All these rankings and designations are not only given to India although more than 150 countries are examined and each and every country got its rank and designations according to their parameters and scales. WHY INDIA'S STATUS DOWNGRADED: Some of the reasons are enlisted here- 1. Century's longest and multiple times of internet shutdown across Indian states. Due to this some of the fundamental rights were violated by the government.  In 2018, India shut internet 134 times, in 2019 - 106 times and in 2020 - 129 times. EXAMPLES: Some bigger events/shutdown cases are: (a) In 2019, after repealing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, the interne


    Implementation of NEW EDUCATION POLICY (NEP)   Here are some suggestions for the implementation of NEP and I welcome this policy wholeheartedly.    The NEP will bring a major change in the education system of India and I am suggesting some good and effective methods through which we can implement the new educational idea.   Here I am going to visualize the real situation of the education that how real education circulates and what are the basic things that we should be in perfect. I will not talk about the bereft of computer labs, science labs, playgrounds, infrastructure etc. Because if the below mentioned ideas were taken into account then all these drawbacks will be fulfilled.   On analyzing the NEP, it’s some of the main motives are:   AIM OF THE NEP :    To  fos ter learning among  students .    To improve infrastructure in schools.    To provide more opportunities to the students at each class.   Enhancing critical learning.    To provide real life experience to students.   E